Monte di Pia or just “Il Monte”

Monte di Pia

Monte di Pia or just “Il Monte” is no more than a handful of farm houses with single-pitch or terraced roofs, narrow uphill streets and arches connecting the houses. Built atop a scenic hill from whence the eye can sweep over most of the Ligurian coast, the scents of the Mediterranean scrub waft through the village quite freely. The village was built along the ancient mule track leading up from the coast to Monte and the hinterland of Finale. Bare necessities would be carried up along the mule track by hand or on donkey-back and travellers would painstakingly and lovingly set even every single loose stone.

The Chapel of Saint Anthony Abbot (Italian: Sant’Antonio Abate – celebrated on the Sunday after January 17th, patron saint of beasts and animals) stands at the entrance to the village. Two exquisite bas-reliefs by artists from the Albisolese school [t.n.: Albisola is a local town famous for its pottery] are housed inside the chapel: one depicts the Saint among the beasts and animals while the other represents the Virgin and Child. On the outside of the chapel stands a rather unusual-for-Liguria, triangular-shaped bell tower.


Monte di Pia

How to reach the site

If travelling on the A10 motorway from Genoa, Turin or Milan, take the Feglino exit; from all other directions take the Finale Ligure exit. A regular bus service runs from the railway station in Finalmarina.


Feel free to use fact sheets and website of the Museo Archeologico del Finale to tour the town and its monuments.


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