Biodiversity in the Finale Area

Biodiversity of flora and fauna: original … but needs handling with care.

Biodiversity is the overall number of different species in a particular area – ranging from the most primitive to the most sophisticated.

Nowhere else along the Ligurian coast is this number as high as in Finale – proof of the great naturalistic value of this precious little stretch of land on the Western Riviera.

MORE INFORMATION – Biodiversity in the Finale Area

This “Noah’s Ark” comes of a variety of almost uncontaminated natural habitats made up of sea cliffs, majestic inland rock walls, plateaus, peeks, hills, active and fossil valleys, caves, caverns, and both surface and underground creeks. Although most of these ecosystems are linked to the mild, sunny Mediterranean climate of the Ligurian coast, the morphological complexity of the area still means that there is plenty of room for cooler, more humid habitats in the shady, north-facing areas.

Indeed, a number of endemic species stand out among the variety of plant and animal life of the area. As for flora, we have Italian and Sabatia Bellflowers (Campanula Isophylla, Campanula Sabatia) and Morning Glory from Cape Noli – the latter a relict of Paleo-Mediterranean flora. Among the species of lesser fauna (the Ligurian Riviera and Finale being their northern-most area of distribution), we have Eyed Lizards and Mediterranean Tree Frogs; as well as a number of nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey, such as Peregrine Falcons, Short-Toed Eagles, and majestic Eagle Owls – all accurate indicators of a healthy habitat.

Understanding this remarkable biodiversity is the first step towards its conservation and protection for the enjoyment of the generations to come.

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