The quarry of Pianmarino

Finale stone tunnels that face the ancient fossil valley

Going up the Perti valley one comes across the fossil valley of Pianmarino that faces a suggestive quarry of light-coloured Finale stone that opens on a slope of Bric Scimarco.

The quarry is characterised by vertical walls with cut marks made by circular saws and by some suggestive tunnels with squared entrances that are inclined following the natural stratification of the bank of rock

The inner walls of the tunnels are characterised by a series of steps made by the extraction activity and offer suggestive and shifting visions depending on how the light changes around them.

In the PianmarinO valley there is also the Pollera Cave that is known for its archaeological findings.



How to reach the site

After having reached Montesordo in the Perti valley the site can be reached by following the Pianmarino path by taking a brief path on the right at the bottom of the valley.

Or the site can be reached on foot or by bike by following the quarry road that starts from the bridge on the Aquila river that is along the road that goes from Finalborgo to Feglino.



Museo Archeologico del Finale


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