Palazzo Buraggi in Finalmarina

A majestic noble palace facing the sea

In via Concezione there is Palazzo Buraggi that is one of the most prestigious aristocratic buildings in Finalmarina and it belongs to period of the Spanish domination of Finale.

The row of buildings of the western part of the town is interrupted buy the volume of Palazzo Buraggi that stretched out towards the beach and the sea.

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The palace already appears as it is in the 1685 seascape made by Jaques Pétré who was a French spy that drew and painted the Ligurian coast on behalf of Louis XIV.

The tall façades, with an intermediate representative floor with large windows, are divided by tall pilasters that end with Corinthian capitals with grotesque masks that are similar to those that decorate the Arch of Margaret of Spain.

Underneath the portico that once opened onto the beach there is complex painted stucco decoration with the coat of arms of the King of Spain held by two lions that reminds of when Philip V came to stay at the palace in 1702.

The Buraggi family also had another grand house in Finalmarina that is the present location of the Town Hall and a villa in the countryside in Calvisio.



How to reach the site

Finalmarina can be reached by car on the A10 motorway and taking the Feglino exit (if coming from Genoa, Turin or Milan) and the Finale Ligure exit (from all directions) or taking the SS1 road, Via Aurelia. There is also the train station of Finale Ligure.


The palace is private property and therefore cannot be visited.


Museo Archeologico del Finale


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