Ciappo dei Ceci

One of the most ancient rock carvings in Finale

The territory of Finale preserves wide open rock surfaces that are characterised by numerous rock carvings that were made over a long period of time, between the Metal ages (3rd -1st millennium BCE) and the 19th century CE. In the local dialect the large stone slabs with graffiti are called “ciappi”.

Ciappo dei Ceci” is formed by a slab of limestone and is located on the Bric Spaventaggi. On the surface, spread for around over 300mq, one can see crosses carved into the rock, modern writing and channel systems that link basins, a real rudimentary system to collect rain water so to give the animals water and to attract them to hunt them.

MORE INFORMATION – Ciappo dei Ceci

These numerous carvings, similar to the ones that are further north on Ciappo delle Conche, testify an intense frequentation of the area starting from the prehistoric period. The site is divided into two close but distinct complexes, called A and B. The first complex is the biggest one, close to San Bernardino, and it has channels and basins running along it. The most important carving is that of a cross. Area B is smaller and has a basin with three channels placed in a V shape and an interesting figure in a dynamic pose.

Ciappu dei Ceci preserves archaeological evidences attributable to “artistic” manifestations (rock carvings) referable to a wide chronological timeframe, of which some of the most ancient attestations of this kind in the region for the Metal ages (3rd-1st millennium B.C.). Other carvings can be dated to other historic phases (medieval and modern age).

In some parts of the area, covered by plants, there could still be graffiti that still have to be documented.



How to reach the site

The site can be reached by bike or on foot. It is forbidden to walk or cycle over the surface of the rock.


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