30 June 2020

Monte di Pia

Monte di Pia or just "Il Monte" is no more than a handful of farm houses with single-pitch or terraced roofs, narrow uphill streets and arches connecting the houses.
22 June 2020

Apse and Bell Tower of the Church of Saint Eusebio in Perti.

The unusual medieval ribbed bell tower of the church of Saint Eusebio in Perti stands out against the rural surroundings of Finale Ligure.
22 June 2020

The Bell Tower of the Church of Saint Biagio

26 May 2020

Church of Our Lady of Loreto in Perti

The church of Nostra Signora di Loreto (Our Lady of Loreto) also called “of the five bell towers” for its slender steeples, can be attributable to the Del Carretto family and consists in one of the most prestigious examples of renaissance architecture in Liguria.