26 October 2020

Church of San Cipriano in Calvisio

The Church of San Cipriano, with its medieval bell tower, rises on the western slope of the San Bernardino hill that overlooks the Sciusa valley and is close to the inhabited nucleus of Calvisio Vecchia, also known as “Lacremà” (its medieval name).
26 October 2020

Church of San Lorenzo di Orco

The medieval church of San Lorenzo in Orco, mentioned in documents for the first time in 1195, is set on a small hill in the inland of Finale where the “castrum Orche” once rose, that is the castle of Orco, remembered in a 1162 diploma of emperor Frederick
4 June 2020

The church and the abbey of Santa Maria of Finalpia

The church and the Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria in Finalpia are part of one of the most important monastic centres of Liguria from a religious and artistic point of view.
4 June 2020

Church of San Sebastiano

The church of Saint Sebastian is one of the most important examples of renaissance architecture in Finale. The rich and varied decoration of the capitals and keystones of the naves contrasts with the simplicity of the exteriors.
27 May 2020

The “Parish” of Finale

At Finalmarina, under the current church of the Capuchin Fathers, there are the remains of what is known as the “Parish” of Finale, dedicated to St. John Baptist and to saints Nazario and Celso.
27 May 2020

Sant’Eusebio church of Perti

The medieval church of Sant’Eusebio of Perti, with its romanic crypt (11th century), is one of the most important and fascinating religious buildings in Finale.
27 May 2020

The Church of San Lorenzo in Varigotti

The church of San Lorenzo in Varigotti dominates, from above, a natural harbour that is protected by the Crena promontory that overlooks the sea. This bay for centuries, currently known as the “baia dei Saraceni” (The Saracens Bay), offered shelter to the ships that sailed the Mediterranean routes.
27 May 2020

Church of Sant’Antonino of Perti

The church of Sant’Antonio rises in an uncontaminated landscape at the top of a steep hill in the inland of Finale, surrounded by the ruins of the walls and the towers of the ancient byzantine castle, built between the 6th and 7th century A.D. to defend Liguria from the Lombard invasions.
26 May 2020

Church of San Biagio in Finalborgo

The basilica of San Biagio in Finalborgo is one of the most beautiful baroque churches of western Ligura for the richness of its marbles and the pieces of art that it conserves, like the original white marble pulpit and the balustrade with angels.