30 June 2020


Dominated by the impressive Rocca di Corno (Corno Rock), Verzi stands on the left side of the Sciusa Valley with its 15th-century parish church dedicated to Saint Gennaro; its medieval stone houses with their typical portals and door-steps; its narrow alleyways and typical arches connecting the houses.
30 June 2020


The current-day town of Finalmarina is the result of two thousand years of complex historical events.Proof of the existence of a first settlement in the natural inlet by the mouth of the Pora Creek dates back to after the Roman conquest of Western Liguria in 181 BCE.
30 June 2020


Finalborgo is a "new" medieval town, founded in the last decades of the 12th century in the floodplain at the foot of Becchignolo Hill, where the Aquila and Pora creeks meet.
4 June 2020

The courthouse in Finalborgo

Since the middle ages the courthouse in Finale is remembered as the “building where justice was administrated” by the Del Carretto marquises. This building represents a beautiful example of power architecture, that, until a few years ago, had maintained for centuries its original function.
4 June 2020

The Diamond Tower

The “diamond tower” in Gavone Castle is one of the most prestigious examples of European renaissance buildings with both residential and military functions.
4 June 2020

Convent of Santa Caterina in Finalborgo

The Dominican convent and the church dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alessandria were founded during the second half of the 14th century by the Del Carretto marquises as the main area of devotion of the family.
4 June 2020

Church of San Sebastiano

The church of Saint Sebastian is one of the most important examples of renaissance architecture in Finale. The rich and varied decoration of the capitals and keystones of the naves contrasts with the simplicity of the exteriors.
26 May 2020

Gavone Castle and the Diamond Tower

Between the Medieval times and the Modern Age Gavone castle was the prestigious fortified residence of the noble family of the marquises Del Carretto, lords of Finale.