30 October 2020

Villa Buraggi

The Buraggi family that is originally from the Val Sciusa area had moved to Finalmarina and between the 17th and 18th century owned two prestigious palaces.
30 October 2020

Palazzo Cavasola

In Via Gallesio in Finalborgo there is Cavasola palace that is a prestigious example of a noble home that belonged to this family at the end of the 16th century.
30 October 2020

Palazzo Buraggi in Finalmarina

In via Concezione there is Palazzo Buraggi that is one of the most prestigious aristocratic buildings in Finalmarina and it belongs to period of the Spanish domination of Finale.
30 October 2020

Palazzo Arnaldi

In Finalborgo the palace that once belonged to the Counts of Arnaldi closes on the western side Pizza del Tribunale.
27 March 2019

Malvasia Palace in Finalmarina

In Finalmarina, in Via Roma, behind the Platea magna commercial area there is a prestigious black stone entrance that is linked to the Malvasia family that is a noble Finalese family that made its fortune with maritime trade with Spain and other areas of the Mediterranean.