4 June 2020

The Fate Bridge

The Fate bridge is situated lower down in the Rio Ponci valley; it is 164 m a.s.l. The name comes from the dialectal word “faje” which means sheep.
4 June 2020

The Magnone bridge

The remains of the roman Magnone bridge are situated in a thick woodland setting at around 290 m a.s.l. in proximity of the head of Val Ponci under San Giacomo where the precedent river basin was cut with the formation of the current Val Ponci fossil valley system.
4 June 2020

The Muto (or Voze) bridge

The Muto (or Voze) bridge is situated in Val Ponci where the altimetry of the valley lowers drastically going from over 200 m to just 183 m a.s.l.
4 June 2020

The Sordo bridge

Only the ramps remain of the Sordo bridge while the arch that arched over Rio Ponci was lost.
4 June 2020

The Acqua bridge

The roman Acqua bridge in Val Ponci takes its name from the fact that it is close to a modern building that belongs to the finalese aqueduct.
27 May 2020

The Val Ponci

The Val Ponci is a small valley in which a rural and enchanting naturalistic landscape is associated with five roman bridges that can be linked to the via Iulia Augusta road and are datable between the 1st and the beginning of the 2nd century A.D.