17 November 2020

Castle of Varigotti

Set atop the promontory of Monte Lunante, the walls and the towers of the castle of Varigotti were meant to protect the natural harbour down below in the bay on the eastern side. It is known as the Baia dei Saraceni.
30 June 2020

Monte di Pia

Monte di Pia or just "Il Monte" is no more than a handful of farm houses with single-pitch or terraced roofs, narrow uphill streets and arches connecting the houses.
4 June 2020

The San Donato tower

On the cape of San Donato, in a stunning environment set against the sea between Finalpia and Varigotti, there is a small tower that was part of a system of watchtowers built along the coast to protect the area against barbaric invasions...
27 May 2020

The Church of San Lorenzo in Varigotti

The church of San Lorenzo in Varigotti dominates, from above, a natural harbour that is protected by the Crena promontory that overlooks the sea. This bay for centuries, currently known as the “baia dei Saraceni” (The Saracens Bay), offered shelter to the ships that sailed the Mediterranean routes.
27 March 2019

Tower of Varigotti

Atop the promontory of Varigotti, above punta Crena, a short squared based tower is preserved, set to control the stretch of sea between Noli and Finale.