30 October 2020

Palazzo Cavasola

In Via Gallesio in Finalborgo there is Cavasola palace that is a prestigious example of a noble home that belonged to this family at the end of the 16th century.
30 October 2020

Palazzo Buraggi in Finalmarina

In via Concezione there is Palazzo Buraggi that is one of the most prestigious aristocratic buildings in Finalmarina and it belongs to period of the Spanish domination of Finale.
30 October 2020

Palazzo Arnaldi

In Finalborgo the palace that once belonged to the Counts of Arnaldi closes on the western side Pizza del Tribunale.
29 October 2020

The loggia of Ramondo in Finalborgo

In Finalborgo, in the current Piazza Aycardi, the so-called “loggia of Ramondo” opens on the ground floor of the tall façade of palazzo Brunengo, on which are preserved faint traces on an ancient heraldic decoration.
22 June 2020

Porta Carretta Town Gate in Finalborgo

In the Middle Ages whoever arrived in Finalborgo from the coast, came to the imposing defences of the Porta Carretta Town Gate - once a tall tower surmounted by battlements.
4 June 2020

Porta Testa in Finalborgo

The Testa medieval gate opens on the western side of the walls of Finalborgo, from which passed the road that connected with Gorra, Melongo and with the Calice valley. The gate was built by Giovanni I Del Carretto in 1452, as the inscription in gothic characters tells us on the arch:
27 May 2020

Castel San Giovanni

Castel San Giovanni was built by the Spanish in the 17th century and is characterised by impressive pincer walls: from its terraces there is a wonderful view of Finalborgo, the surrounding valleys and the sea. It fits perfectly into the hillside above the town and it can be reached with a five-minute walk along the ancient Beretta road.