28 May 2020

Arma delle Mànie

The Arma delle Mànie is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites of Finale. The large stone vault that can be seen at a distance on the Mànie plateau holds a sequence of archaeological layers that document human frequentation between the Palaeolithic and the Neolithic period.
26 May 2020

The Arene Candide Cave

The Arene Candide cave is a prehistoric site of international importance for it’s long human frequentation and for the discovery within the cave of the grave of “The Young Price”, a hunter from the Upper Palaeolithic that died when he was 15 due to a violent trauma to the face. He was therefore buried within the cave with all the honours of a chief and so accompanied by rich grave goods.
8 February 2019

The Young Prince of the Arene Candide

The “Young Prince of the Arene Candide” is one of the most important burials known from the upper Palaeolithic.