30 June 2020


Dominated by the impressive Rocca di Corno (Corno Rock), Verzi stands on the left side of the Sciusa Valley with its 15th-century parish church dedicated to Saint Gennaro; its medieval stone houses with their typical portals and door-steps; its narrow alleyways and typical arches connecting the houses.
30 June 2020


Three kilometres up the Isasco road from Varigotti, you will come to Isasco village - inhabited since ancient times. Once a Roman farmstead (Latin: fundus), dating back to the first century CE, Isasco was a small rural settlement which developed on flat terrain whose many springs rendered it especially suited to farming.
4 June 2020

The Acqua bridge

The roman Acqua bridge in Val Ponci takes its name from the fact that it is close to a modern building that belongs to the finalese aqueduct.