22 June 2020

Apse and Bell Tower of the Church of Saint Eusebio in Perti.

The unusual medieval ribbed bell tower of the church of Saint Eusebio in Perti stands out against the rural surroundings of Finale Ligure.
27 May 2020

The “Parish” of Finale

At Finalmarina, under the current church of the Capuchin Fathers, there are the remains of what is known as the “Parish” of Finale, dedicated to St. John Baptist and to saints Nazario and Celso.
27 May 2020

Sant’Eusebio church of Perti

The medieval church of Sant’Eusebio of Perti, with its romanic crypt (11th century), is one of the most important and fascinating religious buildings in Finale.
27 May 2020

Church of Sant’Antonino of Perti

The church of Sant’Antonio rises in an uncontaminated landscape at the top of a steep hill in the inland of Finale, surrounded by the ruins of the walls and the towers of the ancient byzantine castle, built between the 6th and 7th century A.D. to defend Liguria from the Lombard invasions.
10 December 2019

The Tower bell of San Bartolomeo in Gorra

The old church of San Bartolomeo, that has now been abandoned for decades and is in ruin, is set on the eastern slope of the Gorra hill. The building can be seen in its baroque phase with a single nave, apse and side alters.