28 October 2020

The Belenda tower in San Bernardino

The medieval tower-house, called “of Belenda”, rises on the eastern slope of the San Bernardino hill, facing the Val Sciusa valley. This building, with walls made with squared Finale stone blocks, is a wonderful example of a 14th fortified house and still stands in its original shape. Unfortunately, it is currently in a worrying state of disrepair due to lack of restoration.
4 June 2020

The San Donato tower

On the cape of San Donato, in a stunning environment set against the sea between Finalpia and Varigotti, there is a small tower that was part of a system of watchtowers built along the coast to protect the area against barbaric invasions...
4 June 2020

The Caprazoppa tower

On the Caprazoppa ridge, set against the sea, in the Spanish period a watchtower was built on top of the cliff.
4 June 2020

The Diamond Tower

The “diamond tower” in Gavone Castle is one of the most prestigious examples of European renaissance buildings with both residential and military functions.
26 May 2020

Gavone Castle and the Diamond Tower

Between the Medieval times and the Modern Age Gavone castle was the prestigious fortified residence of the noble family of the marquises Del Carretto, lords of Finale.
27 March 2019

Tower of Varigotti

Atop the promontory of Varigotti, above punta Crena, a short squared based tower is preserved, set to control the stretch of sea between Noli and Finale.