30 June 2020


Varigotti - unique beautiful sea- and landscapes. Its foundations sunk into the beach and picturesque features built into the structure of the houses, this 15th-century village lies tucked away behind the headland.
30 June 2020


Three kilometres up the Isasco road from Varigotti, you will come to Isasco village - inhabited since ancient times. Once a Roman farmstead (Latin: fundus), dating back to the first century CE, Isasco was a small rural settlement which developed on flat terrain whose many springs rendered it especially suited to farming.
8 June 2020

The Early Middle Ages

8 June 2020

Byzantine Times

27 May 2020

The Church of San Lorenzo in Varigotti

The church of San Lorenzo in Varigotti dominates, from above, a natural harbour that is protected by the Crena promontory that overlooks the sea. This bay for centuries, currently known as the “baia dei Saraceni” (The Saracens Bay), offered shelter to the ships that sailed the Mediterranean routes.