Aquila quarry

A spectacular quarry of Finale stone close to a prehistoric cave.

On the steep Bric Spaventaggi slope, on the eastern side of the Aquila valley, up the hillside a spectacular quarry opens from which a light-coloured variety, rich with fossils, of Finale stone was extracted.

The quarry that was active until the 1980s presents walls cut with twisted wire and artificial tunnels. The numerous buildings and iron tools linked to the site make it important in the field of industrial archaeology.

One of the most important fossils from Finale stone comes from one of the tunnels: it’s a large fragment to the jaw bone of a baleen whale. The fossil is currently exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Finale thanks to the donation of Roberto Simonetti who was part of a family that was fundamental for the recent history Finale stone.

Unfortunately, the quarry activities have almost completely blocked the entrance of the Aquila cave that is a prehistoric archaeological reference point of Finale for its important occupational phases between the Upper Paleolithic and the Middle Neolithic (from circa 40000 to 4000 years ago with the subsequent attendance until the historical era).



How to reach the site

The site can be reached on foot by following the original road to the quarry, that branches off from the road for Orco a little after the junction on the road that links Finale Ligure to Feglino.



Museo Archeologico del Finale


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