Nocturnal and Diurnal Raptors

Peregrine Falcons, Eagle Owls and Other Prominent Species

Nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey play an important part in Finale’s unique biodiversity. As predators at the top of the food chain, their presence within a natural habitat shows that the entire ecosystem is healthy and balanced.

Peregrine Falcons, Eagle Owls and Short-Toed Eagles stand out among the many bird species that live and nest in Finale.

MORE INFORMATION – Nocturnal and Diurnal Raptors

Peregrine Falcons reside locally all year round and are among the fastest creatures on the planet, as they can briefly skydive at over 300 kilometres per hour. These creatures hunt from the air and nest in spring atop tall craggy cliffs where an average of two to three nestlings are hatched.

Eagle Owls are the largest Italian nocturnal raptors. Females can weigh up to four kilos and can reach a wingspan of around 1.8 metres. Eagle Owls also reside locally all year round, eat mammals and medium-size birds and nest on craggy cliffs where, at the end of the winter, they generally lay two eggs. The fledgling owlets usually start flying in June.

Short-Toed Snake Eagles are diurnal birds with a wingspan of almost two metres. The raptors feed almost entirely on snakes and migrate from sub-Saharan Africa, where they spend the winter, to Liguria in March to reproduce, usually breeding one nestling per season. Nests are usually built on top of pine trees in quiet, south-facing areas.

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