Colle quarry in Verezzi

The impressive walls of a quarry of Verezzi stone

On the western slopes of the Caprazoppa ridge, in the territory of Verezzi, there are the impressive walls of the Colle quarry, from which the local prestigious red stone was extracted.
The quarry presents two main fronts with tall smooth cut marks that reveal that a chain cutter machine was used.
In the area immersed in the vegetation there are still some iron pulleys from the previous extraction activities where twisted wire was used.

The identification of this site remains uncertain with the “Cola quarry” that belonged to the community of Verezzi and was surly active in 1568 when Antonio Roderio who was from Piccapietra rented it out for 18 months to masters Giovanni Lurago and Giovanni Carlone, both from Ticino and active in Genoa.
In the 20th century the cave was entrusted to the Siccardi family and other companies.
The extraction activity lasted until the beginning of the 1980s when sensibility grew towards landscape conservation and therefore it was no longer compatible with the environmental impact.



How to reach the site

The site can be reached by following the ancient quarry road that branches off the road between Borgio and Verezzi, where the Mulino restaurant is.



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