Quarries of Val Cornei

Scenic walls and trenches cut in the rock


Following the path for Orco along the northern side in the final part of the small and narrow valley, just before the river Cornei meets the river Sciusa, one encounters some scenic quarries of light-coloured Finale stone that is typical of the area. They are impressive extraction sites both for their walls with the building of some roofs for the extraction activity and for their trenches. These trenches are characterised by narrow walls that still preserve signs of the extraction activity where diamond wire was used.

Going along further into the valley the path leads up to Orco castle with the medieval church of San Lorenzino. In this area, in the Castello locality, there is another area where Finale stone was extracted called “la cavetta” that preserves both manual and mechanic cutting signs on the slope at the foot of the cliff of Monte Cucco.



How to reach the site

Le cave di Cornei si raggiungono percorrendo il sentiero che risale la Valle di Cornei, che si distacca dalla strada di fondovalle che unisce Finalpia e Calvisio a Vezzi Portio. In alternativa, le cave possono essere raggiunte discendendo dalla località Castelli a Orco.



The quarries can be reached by following the path that goes up the Cornei valley. It branches off the valley road that links Finalpia and Calvisio to Vezzi Portio. Alternatively, the quarries can be reached by going down from the Castelli locality to Orco.

Calendar of visits

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