San Bartolomeo’s church Tower bell

A fifteenth century Tower bell made of brick and stone

The old church of San Bartolomeo, that has now been abandoned for decades and is in ruin, is set on the eastern slope of the Gorra hill. The building can be seen in its baroque phase with a single nave, apse and side alters.

The beautiful 14th century stone and brick bell tower is what remains of the medieval church with its octagonal spire flanked by angular pinnacles in the typical architectural model regarding bell towers in Finale.

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In this bell tower, in particular, lots of bricks were used for its structure and for its decorating and this could refer to Piedmontese prototypes more than Ligurian ones.

On the north side, in the frame there are two rows of majolica basins, that are only partially preserved. They consist in Valencian prestige with “Bryonia leaves” and the gothic HIS trigrams and are similar to those in the bell tower of Sant’Eusebio of Perti, and in archaic majolica that doesn’t have décor and was probably made in Savona.

The bell tower has four floors that are divided by decorative bricks that are inserted in panes in angular stone pilasters and, for the higher floor, in brick. On the two pillars there are cantons with the IHS trigrams of San Bernardino in gothic letters.

The mullioned windows of the bell tower are arranged on three rows and present different types of marble and Finale stone capitals.

The adjacent baroque church was completely abandoned after the new church was built, during the last century, further up the Bracciale ridge.



How to reach the site

The site can be reached on foot or by car by following the road for Colle del Melogno.



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