The San Donato tower

The ancient tower that became the mausoleum of the World War I general

On the cape of San Donato, in a stunning environment set against the sea between Finalpia and Varigotti, there is a small tower that was part of a system of watchtowers built along the coast to protect the area against barbaric invasions that starting from the 16th century haunted the Mediterranean coast terrorizing the population.

The small cape where the tower was built takes its name from an ancient church that once existed close by (it now no longer exists), dedicated to San Donato, bishop of Arezzo, subject of a particular Lombard cult.

MORE INFORMATION – The San Donato tower

Similar to the tower of Caprazoppa the San Donato tower preserves just an angular sentry box.

In 1952 the tower was adapted to become a mausoleum for the remains of the finalese general Enrico Caviglia, army corps commander of the Italian army at the time of the battle of Vittorio Veneto with which in 1918 the First World War ended.

Above the new entrance of the mausoleum a grey sandstone bas relief was placed with the life of San Donato is represented.



How to reach the site

The tower can be reached by following the path that starts from the road to Le Mànie or by walking from Via Aurelia.


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