Malvasia palace in Finalmarina

A Renaissance entrance for the Malvasia palace in Finalmarina

In Finalmarina, in Via Roma, behind the Platea magna commercial area there is a prestigious black stone entrance that is linked to the Malvasia family that is a noble Finalese family that made its fortune with maritime trade with Spain and other areas of the Mediterranean.

The grand entrance that can be dated to 1520-1530 has an architrave with two satyrs that hold a floral wreath with the family crest and a rich décor of garlands of plants with cornucopias. On the sides there are other satyrs that hold torches.

On the doorposts there is only one of the two tondos with roman emperors’ heads left while other two heads of emperors were sculpted within the angles of the frame.

There is a wide staircase with white marble columns that lead to the higher floors of the building.



How to reach the site

The entrance is in Via Roma in Finalmarina and can be reached from the junctions of the A10 motorway of Feglino (coming from Genoa, Turin or Milan) and of Finale Ligure (from all directions). It is linked to buses and to the train station of Finalmarina.


The palace is private property and therefore it cannot be visited.


Museo Archeologico del Finale


phone: +39.019.690020

Calendar of visits

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