The ancient rural town in Val Sciusa

Calvisio Vecchia

On the western slope of Monte Tolla, at the feet of the Finale Stone cliffs, halfway up the hillside, rises the ancient nucleus of Calvisio Vecchia, also indicated with the medieval toponym of “Lacremata”, in local dialect “Lacrema”, that could come from a fire that happened in the area.

Close by, on Bric Reseghe, a bronze age settlement with defences was discovered.

The Calvisio name could come from the roman name Calvisius or Calvisianus, referring to the ancient owner of the area. In fact, roman artefacts come from the hill slopes and from the area where the San Cipriano Vecchia church rose. It is located at a certain distance from the inhabited area and it was abandoned in 1932 at the moment of the construction of the new parochial church of Santi Cornelio e Cipriano at the bottom of the valley.

The Compagna di Calvisio is documented since the 13th century.

The current fascinating rural context is made of stone buildings, datable from the 15th century. It was formed with the progressive adding of new buildings to the town, giving life to a varied architecture and an irregular planimetry, with buildings that evolved along the internal paths and were in direct contact with the farming terraces.

At the top of the town there are the so-called “casazze” : big houses in square Finale stone blocks, that were once abandoned but now have partially been recuperated.


Calvisio Vecchia

How to reach the site

Calvisio Vecchia can be reached by car or by bike by taking a steep road up hill that branches off the provincial road on the valley floor, a little further from the modern church of Santi Cornelio e Cipriano.


Feel free to use fact sheets and website of the Museo Archeologico del Finale to tour the town and its monuments.



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