Bric Reseghe Settlement


A Proto-Historic Settlement

Very much like Sant’Antonino di Perti, Bric Reseghe in Finale Ligure is an especially well-preserved specimen of a small Middle and Recent Bronze Age settlement entrenched in an easily-defensible area. In archaeology, the word castellaro is used to define such hill-top Bronze- and Iron-Age sites, including those that are not equipped with clearly-visible defences.

In Liguria, hill-top settlements and proto-historical walls were built with dry-stone walling techniques – commonly used along both the Eastern and Western Rivieras. Several well-preserved specimens can be found in the Finale area which stand out for size, characteristics and because of how well construction materials have weathered.

MORE INFORMATION – Bric Reseghe Settlement

Bric Reseghe features fortifications and terracing made out of small roughed-out blocks of Finale Stone. The large dry-stone buildings found at this site are especially interesting and archaeological excavations and finds have identified them as being Recent Bronze Age fortifications.



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