Crocetta quarry

An ancient quarry of Finale stone on top of Rocca di Perti

In the pass that precedes the top of Rocca di Perti, in proximity to what has been defined as the Acropolis, there is a small quarry of Finale stone that is called the “Crocetta quarry”. It was dug close to the Iron Age “castellaro” known as the “Village of the Souls” and to some suggestive Finale stone pinnacles that were formed by phenomena of karst erosion.

The quarry is preceded by a dump area due to stone work and extraction activities. The quarry was made by digging in the slope two main trenches that still preserve diagonal traces left from the extraction of the blocks of stone. On the main front a small cross was carved, probably during medieval times, with small globes and it is set on a small triangle at its base.



How to reach the site

The quarry can be reached by following one of the various paths that lead to Rocca di Perti, starting from Perti Sant’Eusebio or from Montesordo in Valle di Perti. Alternatively one can go along the road that goes from Calice Ligure to the Rocca di Perti quarry.



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