Triumphal arch of Margherita in Finalmarina

A triumphal arch for the arrival of the Infant of Spain

On the coast of Finalmarina in 1666 a majestic triumphal arch was built to celebrate the arrival in Finale of Margaret of Spain, represented in numerous paintings of the grand court painter Diego Velázquez.

The arch dedicated to the Margaret Infant of Spain was built between may and august of 1666 to celebrate the arrival of the daughter of Philip IV king of Spain, destined to reach Vienna to marry Leopold I of Austria and become empress.

MORE INFORMATION – Triumphal Arch of Margherita

The construction of the triumphal monument was entrusted with the finalese architect and sculptor Sebastiano Bocciardo that made an impressive classic style structure with a single arch between four columns with composite capitals surmounted by plaster faces and separated by tall niches. In the attic of the arch a long inscription speaks of the event.

Some frescos with allegorical motifs, inserted on the facades and within the arch, praise the virtues of the future empress and of the Spanish empire.

In 1958 the buildings that were close to the arch were demolished – in one of these buildings there was the custom house of Finalmarina – therefor isolating the arch that became one of the symbols of Finale.




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