Tower of Varigotti

Towers and castles on the promontory of the ancient harbour of Finale

Atop the promontory of Varigotti, above punta Crena, a short squared based tower is preserved, set to control the stretch of sea between Noli and Finale.

The promontory had already been the seat of the byzantine castrum of the 6th-7th century and of the later medieval castle, destroyed by Genoa in 1341, when also the harbour was buried.

The simple current tower with two floors is datable to the early 19th century when the semi-circular platform was built in front of it, meant to hold cannons.

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In the 19th-century building blocks of stone and other materials of the previous tower were reused in the base of the new tower.

In 1584 “birds eye view” drawing of the coastline between Noli and Varigotti by Domenico Revello, at the top of the promontory there are still two towers, while one tower-lighthouse is on the cliff that closed the harbours bay. What remains of this building are a few stone walls cemented together with lime at the end of the cliff, hit by the waves.



How to reach the site

The promontory of Varigotti can be reached on foot by following the path that starts from Varigotti from a branch of the Via Aurelia road.



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