Loggia of Ramondo

A medieval loggia on the ancient “piazza del grano”

In Finalborgo, in the current Piazza Aycardi, the so-called “loggia of Ramondo” opens on the ground floor of the tall façade of palazzo Brunengo, on which are preserved faint traces on an ancient heraldic decoration.

The loggia is composed of two arches set on external pillars with Finale stone semi-columns and on a strong square central pillar, also made with Finale stone square blocks.

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In the groove in the superior part there is a typical “diamond shaped” décor. The motif is also attested in the colonnade of the inner court of Gavone Castle confirming that the loggia can be dated to the mid-15th century.

According to tradition the reference models of weights and measures used in the marquisate are still preserved in the loggia.



How to reach the site

Finalborgo can be reached from the junctions of the A10 motorway of Feglino (coming from Genoa, Turin or Milan) and of Finale Ligure (from all directions). It is linked to buses and to the train station of Finalmarina.



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