Villaggio delle Anime – Village of Souls

A fortified settlement up the hills of Finale Ligure

Villaggio delle Anime (Italian: Village of Souls) is a proto-historic castellaro hillfort, dating between the late Bronze and the early Iron Ages which stands on top of the Rocca di Perti (Italian: Perti Rock), 397 metres above sea level. The site was discovered in 1959 by the Research Group of the Finalese Section of the International Institute of Ligurian Studies and explored through a series of excavations led by Oscar Giuggiola.

The site was found to be made up of a large amphitheatre-shaped surface of natural stone steps, with dry-stone walling on the outside and man-made landfills intended to create flat platforms where dwellings could be placed.

Two rectangular housing units were also found at the site with had 5×4 metre-long dry-stone plinths and a metre-thick walls. Both walls and roofs, however, must have been made of perishable materials.

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Archaeological data from the excavations indicate that the settlement must have been a native Ligurian hillfort castellaro built in an inaccessible and well protected area, with a good water supply, where the local population could seek refuge in case of danger.

As regards dating, a recent review of the archaeological findings has extended the period when the site was in use to between the 9th and the beginning of the 4th centuries BCE, indicating that Villaggio delle Anime hillfort was used over a lengthy stretch of time. A model of the village is on display at the Museo Archeologico del Finale.



How to reach the site

Take any footpath to Rocca di Perti from Perti Alta or Pianmarino. Or alternatively, take the dirt road from the Calice Ligure road to the quarry of Rocca di Perti.


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