Arma della Moretta

The tunnel of the cave etchings

The Arma della Moretta is a small cave at the feet of the Finale Stone San Bernardino mountain, just above the locality called “Tirassegno”. This archaeological site is unique in Finale and is considerably important in the field of cave etchings.

The floor of the entrance and the walls are completely etched with symbols of crosses, arrows and linear and geometric shapes. The discovery, made by Oscar Giuggiola, of these ancient decorations is the most studied and analysed in Finale.

MORE INFORMATION – Arma della Moretta

Unfortunately, what is missing within the cave is a sequence of archaeological layers that could give some information and data about the cultural context in order to give the graffiti a precise attribution.

The etchings, that can be compared with others that have been recently discovered in the Beigua Natural Park, could be dated back to the prehistoric age, probably to the age of metals but one cannot exclude that some signs could be even more ancient.

Certainly, some subjects and writings are clearly from the historical period, medieval and more recent.




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