The Pollera Cave

Un’antica caverna in un entusiasmante scenario naturale

The Pollera cave is one of the most important karst caves with an archaeological deposit in Finale. The cave, quite wide and impressive, is in the locality of Montesordo, on the left of Rio della Valle, at around 300 meters of elevation.

Already from the last decades of the 19th century the cave was closely studied by researchers and explored for its archaeological deposits. For this, today, numerous Italian museums conserve collections that come from this first research, such as the Archaeological Museum of Finale, the civic Ligurian Archaeological museum of Genova Pegli and the Museum of Antiquities of Turin.


Unfortunately, this first pioneering research and clandestine excavations, helped by the fact that the cave wasn’t protected, removed the most interesting part of the archaeological deposit.

The various excavations have made us discover a stratigraphic sequence that documents the human frequentation in the cave from the middle bronze age (1600-1350 BCE) until the early Neolithic (impressed pottery ware culture, 5800 – 5000 BCE).

Amongst the numerous materials, today exhibited in the aforementioned museums, there are ceramic vessels, of which the typical cups with axe shaped handles of the initial phases of the middle bronze age. For these discoveries the Pollera cave is considered today one of the most significant contexts to understand the passage from the early bronze period to the middle bronze age in northern Italy.

Out of the artefacts that came from the excavations the presence of large containers with chords that were used for storing food is interesting. These are a clear evidence of a frequent and prolonged frequentation of the cave by the community of the bronze age.



How to reach the site

The site can be reached on foot by following the path on the eastern side of the Pianmarino valley towards Montesordo.


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