The Caprazoppa tower

The tower set against the sea

On the Caprazoppa ridge, set against the sea, in the Spanish period a watchtower was built on top of the cliff.

The tower was part of a system of watchtowers built along the coast to protect the area against barbaric invasions that starting from the 16th century haunted the Mediterranean coast terrorizing the population.

MORE INFORMATION – The Caprazzoppa tower

A decree, 10th of May 1608, issued by the first Spanish governor of Finale don Pedro de Toledo y Anaya, ordered the construction of the tower that controlled the Ligurian coast from Capo Mele to Capo Noli.

The square based tower has two floors. It has two elevated sentry boxes that are placed in the south-east and north-west corners of the tower and an elevated entrance, at two meters from the ground, and was protected by a murder hole.

The inside has only one room that has a vaulted ceiling and there is the access to the terrace above that is delimited by another parapet.



How to reach the site

The tower can be reached by following the “Napoleonic road” that through Caprazoppa connects Finale to Borgio and Verezzi.



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