Loggia of Gorra

A medieval loggia with sculpted capitals

In piazza San Bartolomeo in Gorra, following the road for Colle del Melogno, a suggestive medieval loggia opens on the ancient road. What it was used for remains uncertain: it may have been used as a public area destined to the community of Gorra, organised in Compagna at least from 1268, or it may have been linked to one of the medieval roads that went towards the Alta Val Maremola and Melogno hill.

The loggia is set on three lowered cross vaults placed on two lateral pillars and on two central Finale stone columns with cubic capitals decorated with a relief.

MORE INFORMATION – Loggia of Gorra

On the right capital an Agnus Dei and a human face are sculpted, along with two animals. On the left one, only the external façade is decorated with a trilobed cross.

The motifs that ornate the two capitals appear to be attributable to the medieval decorative repertoire, still of Romanesque tradition, that in western Liguria continued until the 15th century, period to which the loggia is dated.

The black stone portal at the back of the loggia is dated to the 17th century.



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The loggia is in Gorra, along the provincial road to Colle del Melogno.



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