Palazzo Cavasola in Finalborgo

A prestigious 18th century painted façade in Finalborgo

In Via Gallesio in Finalborgo there is Cavasola palace that is a prestigious example of a noble home that belonged to this family at the end of the 16th century.

The façade of the palace has a rich polychrome decoration fresco with false architecture frames and late Mannerist motifs that can be dated to the late 18th century. Finalborgo in the past was a “painted town” with many coloured façades of public and private buildings (the Courthouse palace) in line with a custom that lasted until the beginning of the previous century.

MORE INFORMATION – Palazzo Cavasola

The palace that once belonged to Alfonso della Castellana was requisitioned by the Marquisate and donated in 1586 by the marquis Alessandro Del Carretto to Erasmo Cavasola for his services.

The white marble crowned crest of the Cavasola family is on the 16th century black stone main entrance and is inserted in a later dated stucco frame. Close to it there is a minor Finale stone entrance that is decorated by small ansated crosses.



How to reach the site

Finalmarina can be reached by car on the A10 motorway and taking the Feglino exit (if coming from Genoa, Turin or Milan) and the Finale Ligure exit (from all directions) or taking the SS1 road, Via Aurelia. There is also the train station of Finale Ligure.


The palace is private property and therefore cannot be visited.


Museo Archeologico del Finale


phone: +39.019.690020

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