Arma delle Mànie

A secular archive of human events

The Arma delle Mànie is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites of Finale. The large stone vault that can be seen at a distance on the Mànie plateau holds a sequence of archaeological layers that document human frequentation between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic period.

In particular very relevant are the layers belonging to the middle Palaeolithic phase when the cave was used by the Neanderthal man.

This human species, who lived between 130 thousand and 38 thousand years ago, lived by gathering spontaneous plants and hunting deer, roe deer, ibexes, wild boar, bison, aurochs, ancient elephants, horses, rhinoceros and hippopotamuses. Recent studies demonstrated that the Neanderthals lived in Arma delle Mànie and also hunted brown bears and cave bears.

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The cave preserved numerous chipped stone tools made by Neanderthal people and an adult incisor was found during the activity of sieving dirt that has been attributed by anthropologists to this human species, exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Finale.

The Arma delle Mànie has inside various dry wall structures, presses for making wine and oil, carts and farming tools that document the long frequentation of the cave also in the historic period.



How to reach the site

L’Arma can be reached by car, on foot or by bike by going along the unpaved road that descends from the Via provinciale of Le Mànie.


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